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  • Testing Check-Ins

    Testing Check-Ins

    Early Web 2.0 had apps like foursquare, apps that meshed a status post with physical check-ins to places. It tracked places you went, shared them socially, and gamified the experience of going places. I think it also functioned as a journal, a record of places you had gone. I can see something like that being…

  • I bowled 183

    I bowled 183

    It is likely the highest I will ever bowl.

  • My New Years/Wilderness Resolution

    I made it to dinner time with the family at home. When it is time to cook I will often reward myself with a little podcast, show, or some kind of media. It is my time and the extra splurge in something I want makes it a little more enjoyable. I wash the whole ordeal…

  • I received any traps for next spring and 12 liters of cleaner from Amazon today because, well, Amazon ships my shit on Sunday. Is there anyway to tell Amazon that I can wait a couple days for some things? Maybe give the driver a day off?

  • didn’t know anything about anything

    For some reason this quote has stuck with me. The thing is, we didn’t know anything about anything, so like when we wanted to do a thing we’d just do a thing and if it didn’t work we’d redo a thing.