Hello, I’m Rob Walcott

Hello! My name is Rob Walcott. People who know me well call me Bobby. I am a geriatric millennial and I have big feelings about social media, this site exercises those thoughts. In younger years I have been a bike mechanic, a musician, and a photographer. Professionally I dabbled in web coding at The Image Group during web 2.0. I co-owned Walcott Imaging from 2003 to 2015 and ran a social media photography experiment called Pocket Photographer for a short stint shortly after. I have a small collection of personal photographic work. I am the owner of Centennial Inn and the neighboring house at 18 East 12th which includes 3 apartments and a short term rental.

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Sometimes you read an article and think “I would like to read this again or I think this will come up in conversation.” I save those articles here to share with others or find again.