Testing Check-Ins

Early Web 2.0 had apps like foursquare, apps that meshed a status post with physical check-ins to places. It tracked places you went, shared them socially, and gamified the experience of going places. I think it also functioned as a journal, a record of places you had gone.

I can see something like that being useful in terms of the journaling. Tracking the places you’ve been, maybe including a note or two about what happened or why you were there serves as a log book of your bodies geographic history.

I am setting up the category and giving it a try, I’ll see how it develops.

For the format I am envisioning a photo with (or without) a few simple lines stating why I am here or what happened. Other ideas include getting a selfie in front of the place (would lookd nice in bulk but too tedious… at least for me), getting a thoughtful shot of the front of the place (maybe too tedious as well?) and also posting from my phone so I can tag the location*. My current theme doesn’t support locations as far as I know but I think WordPress still supports it.

*This feature is not actually available without a plugin.


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