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  • My New Years/Wilderness Resolution

    I made it to dinner time with the family at home. When it is time to cook I will often reward myself with a little podcast, show, or some kind of media. It is my time and the extra splurge in something I want makes it a little more enjoyable. I wash the whole ordeal […]

  • Full stop

    Has anyone else noticed an uptick in the use of the phrase “full stop”?

  • A special place in hell

    There is a special place in hell for those who create dance remixes of kids songs.

  • Back to the bullet journal

    Back to the bullet journal

    Back to using a bullet journal again. I’m never happy with my organization situation but found that the writing down really helps me find clarity.

  • Join me for a better social media, maybe.

    I am not getting into details, just saying that I am giving another go at doing social media, but in my own way. For the few I have talked to about this, I have been exploring this in arm-chair capacity since 2007ish… when I really started to get concerned about how the internet was taking […]