• Wireless Charging for Cars

    Sidenote: I don’t know where this fits in my blog architecture. I’d like to be able to follow a thread of stories, topic, or idea and save related articles and explore the idea further.

  • ISO recommendations for books that nurture a more civil politic

    I want to create a small book shelf of books and resources (audio could be included) that help people come to a more civil and gracious perspective on politics. My personal journey, over the past four years or so has started with a desire to better understand JS Mill and then seek a wider influence…

  • First Conversation Post

    First Conversation Post

    I am giving the blog/website another go. I’ve been doing this since at least 2008 when Google Plus was available, Google Reader was strong, and Facebook’s faults were becoming increasingly obvious although that seemed to be cemented during the election of 2016 with Cambridge Analytica. I digress. I am optimistic that I am a good…