First Conversation Post

I am giving the blog/website another go. I’ve been doing this since at least 2008 when Google Plus was available, Google Reader was strong, and Facebook’s faults were becoming increasingly obvious although that seemed to be cemented during the election of 2016 with Cambridge Analytica. I digress.

I am optimistic that I am a good age to discuss social media. The common assumption is the high schoolers and the young 20’s direct what is cool and what is used for social media but I wonder if that is shifting as older people are now much more familiar with digital environment. We know that that demographic doesn’t even have a formed brain. If we followed the direction of that demographic in diets we would all be eating candy and pizza… maybe the older generations know something? Now that the generational playing field is leveled in terms of computer literacy the younger generations need us for direction? There is an advantage of having lived life before the age of the internet. Right now the habits of the youth point toward mindless scrolling and entertainment being the most valued reason to be online. Could we suggest something better?

And this is where I get to blogs and websites. I have a lot to say (but for now just wanted to get a start to a post so that I could build a website template).

I (will eventually) welcome your thoughts on this.

Add your thoughts to the discussion