Join me for a better social media, maybe.

I am not getting into details, just saying that I am giving another go at doing social media, but in my own way. For the few I have talked to about this, I have been exploring this in arm-chair capacity since 2007ish… when I really started to get concerned about how the internet was taking shape. As a first step, I am going to copy current social media post types but on a blog, and I am not going to try to polish or improve the formats… just create content as people already do (although I am sure without audience). I don’t post in social media so please excuse my lack of polish when it comes to posting.

If you wish to follow along, point your RSS reader here:

There will be overlap with posts but overall I am going to follow the culture and posting types of Facebook, Instagram, Stories (Facebook, Insta, Snap Chat), and Twitter. I can edit these categories later. On top of the afore mentioned posting styles I will also have a “Links” feed which is just a link and usually a few words on why I am sharing the link… this could be Facebook or Twitter and I may categorize the posts in multiple ways. Feel free to follow those feeds individually as well.

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