• How to deal with Collections

    I am struggling with how to organize and display collections on this site. By “collections” I mean groups of information–mostly photos but also occasional articles or thoughts–around a topic that can easily be scanned and surveyed or viewed as a group. My preferred execution would be a interface similar to Pinterest in which you can […]

  • Bring Back the Blogs It misses so many great points, but still good to see it being said.

  • Can we go back to web 2.0?

    I belong to the group of people who believe that big data can and is used against our best interest. I want to propose that leaving Facebook and returning back to a more loosely structured form of sharing/publishing online is a smart decision. Lets do this in a list: The medium is the message!. Using […]

  • Join me for a better social media, maybe.

    I am not getting into details, just saying that I am giving another go at doing social media, but in my own way. For the few I have talked to about this, I have been exploring this in arm-chair capacity since 2007ish… when I really started to get concerned about how the internet was taking […]

  • Blogs are greater than Social Media.

    Dear people with something meaningful to say, please come back to the blogosphere. It is still here and it is better. So I’ve been thinking about how social media impacts our life a lot lately and there are some thoughts that I can’t kick so I am going to dip my toes into the rabbit […]