Van Build

  • 2018 Transit Features & Needs

    Function Notes Cargo Bike Storage A minor need but a huge factor in my design layout. Ideally the “bed” can be down and the bike can be stored at the same time. Heated Place Middle section as most insulated. Hauling and moving items Need to easily load appliances, bikes, ideally find way to move mulch […]

  • 2018 Transit Floor Prep

    The previous owners screwed 1/2″ plywood into the floor leaving holes which are getting rusty from the bottom. I plan to grind the rust away and spray it with spray paint to protect it from future rust. Then, with an absence of better ideas, I will shoot some spray foam from below to fill the […]

  • Van Weight

    Van Weight

    I happened to be bringing cardboard to the recycling center with not much in the van. Estimated 6200#.

  • 2018 Transit van weight before build

    2018 Transit van weight before build

    I was dropping off some scrap metal and thought I would document the van weight. I had the front swivel seats in the van (not installed) and also had the 4 rear seat brackets and one of the rear seats in the van. I had less than a gallon of gas-van said 12 miles remained […]

  • 2018 Transit Basic Layout

    2018 Transit Basic Layout

    I am planning on splitting the van into 3 sections: Section Labels A quick overview of the components/spaces I want to include (and what I call them) Cab The main area available through the sliding door. Contains rear seats and booth seating. Everything needed for the car function of seating. Not too many things (to […]

  • Using the van for dirty work (mulch, sand, scrap metal)

    2-6 times a year I need a vehicle to move mulch, sand, dirt, scrap iron or other miscellainous loads that are better suited to a truck or trailer. For my van build it would make sense to have a trailer but I have had one before and don’t care to store an extra item. I […]