2018 Transit Basic Layout

I am planning on splitting the van into 3 sections:

  • Frontmost cab with a traditional driving experience, small space is easier to heat or cool, riders are protected from loose items in the back (their will be a partition and “curtain” that includes a cargo net interior that is clipped to tie downs for extra security.
  • Mid “live/work” section. This section is the bulk of the “tailgate loading area” (space for loading large items in from tailgate). It includes the fridge, a fold down bed/platform which should also be a couch seating area. Top of fridge could be a lounge seat. Opposite of bed/platform is a work surface with stools for computer work and food prep. Most of the storage is in this section as well. Tie downs need to be accessible to tie down loads.
    • This main sleeping area could be super easy to keep warm if sleeping in cold weather because it would be shut off from 60% of the space.
  • Back wet/dirty section.
    • For summers at the beach or even showering (should I add hot water to the vehicle). The back 2′ can be curtained off as well.
      • Sink and toilet on the driver side. Gives seclusion for toilet if necessary (toilet will composting in style and for emergency use.)
      • Currently plan to not insulate the floor (as much) so there is a lip with a wooden slat platform filling the void (removable). Water and debris could settle because it is an inch lower. I could add a drain but I am leaning toward a wet vac. I am not taking full showers so a few gallons of water could easily settle and get wet-vac’d out. (This is an odd idea that I can’t shake).

Section Labels

A quick overview of the components/spaces I want to include (and what I call them)

CabThe main area available through the sliding door. Contains rear seats and booth seating. Everything needed for the car function of seating. Not too many things (to keep it safe)
Live/Work SpaceBehind the cab, the live work is storage on right and left, driver side will have a fold down bed/platform/couch. Lots of storage and long work surface/desk for work and food prep.
Wet/Dirty Space
Bed/Platform (1)Similar to Sprinter, bed platform height will be judged by height of bikes stored below as well as counter height. Guessing 36″ (cargo bike handle bars hopefully come up in front of platform).
Bed/Platform (2)
Fridge Cabinet
Sink & Toilet (Bathroom)
Power Station
Storage Well
Tailgate Loading Area


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