The Centennial Inn

I am the new owner and keeper of The Centennial Inn in Holland, Michigan. I did not know there would be a global pandemic at the time of closing.

Support Art

I have a personal interest in supporting creative engagement for people in our community. As we make and explore our curiosity teaches us to trust ourselves, this is an important act of citizenship; to be ourselves and bring our best selves into conversation and positive conflict with each other for the good of all.

I am developing spaces, artist residencies, activities, and and some personal work which weave through my work and life with the hopes of creating conduits for new social interaction.

personal work

My personal work reflects my curiosity about the shifting meaning and ambiguity of the image as the medium of photography continues to rapidly evolve as a tool of human thought and expression. More than the photograph, my interest is in the augmentation and limitations of ourselves as humans, for which photography has made a fine point of entry. View personal projects.

Gerrit Kollen’s

The Gerrit Kollen house has three long term apartments and one short term (Airbnb) available to stay. Some type of art residence is eminent although I have yet to give it structure or make it financially possible. A website for Gerrit Kollen’s (Gerrit is historically said to have commissioned the houses design and construction) is forthcoming.