In addition to the Stop-In, I spend time producing work for you. Time is billed like a mechanic shop: billing is by the job (known as turned hours) and not actual time it takes to perform work.

Social Media Post (single platform) ¼ hours
Social Media Post (multiple platforms) 1/3 hours
Additional Photography (up to 10 photos included per Stop-In. 10 photos is average) 1/10 hours per photo
1 Minute videos 2-3 hours
Web work updates ¼ hours
Web site changes/updates/work quote or per hour
Misc Design quote or per hour
Stop-Ins 1 hour*
Access to all your organized photos/media online. included
Photobooth. We have a automated photomachine. Ask me about how we can use it. 1.5 hour for basic set up + $.015 per print (my cost)

* For every Stop-In, I need to travel and process & backup images/media. The average stop in time is roughly 30 minutes although I often stay longer.

Plan Weekly Work Price Additional Time
Economy 2 hour + 1 Stop-In $118/week Step up to Standard, borrow from future/past weeks, or $50/hour.
Standard 4 hours + 2 Stop-In $232/week borrow from future/past weeks, or $40/hour

*prices based on 1+ month contracts. Add $150/week for single week contracts.


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