There are often common threads or themes that grab my attention or interest. I imagine this page having subpages that allow me to organize and visitors to browse common themes I see in posts.

If I had a little more control over post tag page markup I could just use the tags. I am using pages because I’d like to be able to edit and revise the overview of the tag. For example, I am starting my first page for “Flow” a concept that has caught my attention often and for which I hope to educate myself better. Having a main page allows me to not only keep tabs of articles and conversations concerning the concept but it also functions as a record of both my understanding as well as mentions.

I envision a grid below that has a list of common topics. They would exclude topics like my van project, the centennial Inn, or (other things?) but I think there is some need to explore what is included and what is excluded. I think it would include my interest in blogs, healthier news habits, liberty, republicanism and liberalism, maybe politics?

I think there are some topics that might have subtopics but I don’t think they would be listed as such… for example “politics” and “liberty”. Liberty posts might also be tagged as politics but liberty itself would not be a child page of politics.

  • Blogs

    This is a doozy. I have written about this often, I will have to copy and paste or rewrite it again here. I have been stuck thinking about this since the time of Google Buzz (2008?) and soon after the fall of Google Reader. We are on the wrong track with social media and it…

  • Flow

    Flow is a concept that has been on my radar for some time. It is commonly experienced in creative endeavors but also became prominent with parenting… watching children get fully immersed in their activities. More to come.