A description of my larger goals in why I am keeping this site.

Fixes and things to work on.

What I plan to fixAdditional NotesWhere to find itFix Status
Adjust the comments layout, make it look nicerMight skip comment option in photo feed, I think I have more control if all comments happen in the single post feed.Everywhere, specifically on the photo feed.
Remove Featured image from heading of single post “photos” category posts.Am I still using the featured image? Would be nice to skip.Photos category single post template (need to create)Decided to remove all featured images… will come up with new fix if I need a featured image on a post in the future.
Make contact information on “front-page” a footer for all pages
Decide how all “Read and Recommended” posts will be formatted.Ideally something very easy to post both from phone and computer without too many formatting steps.
Review and tighten up copy at top of “Front-Page”.
Header: Remove a little space on top
When this page is ready, post a link on all pages that allows visitors to easily click to read about this page (which this page will communicate)
Make pagination links on bottom of front page sections link to the category instead of paginating.“Front-Page”
Private Viewing OptionsI’d like the option to write at a slightly more private level. Hoping for an easy login for people with the password.Planning on using password protection. I need to edit the password protection message and I plan to make a single password that I can share… nothing too cryptic.
How to deal with “Collections”?Sometimes you want to collect photos or images around a theme for inspiration or maybe another unknown reason. I see this being similar to PinterestCurrently plan is to make collections into pages. I fear I will miss out on something but I can’t find another easy workaround that doesn’t complicate the rest of the site architecture.
Something that is a topic that is reoccurring, but not a collection. Like A political topic, common thread I see, multiple articles and thoughts on a discussion…Maybe this is Tags. Not sure if it limits other options for tags.I think if I see a topic emerge (multiple “read and recommend” links I want to comment on). I make a post. If I continue interest and have more to say, I make another post and link to the first… that is at least good enough for now.
What if I added descriptions of categories at the top of each post. It would give the viewer context for each post as the types of posts vary in function and purpose.Might require plugin to add. I think it is doable though.
REMEMBER PHOTOS has its own Category page…
I might need to add the “Term Description” Block to the archive (it doesn’t work in single posts) and then near the top of singles make the Category visible with possible text like “You are viewing a _______ post”. That is hopefully enough?
Edit “Term Descriptions” per category.
Clean up all blog posts pageJust work on spacing and formatting.Currently set to “About” page. Change that too…