The Driving Scale

I am interested in how the design and constructs in our life set the course of our movement and interactions.

The distance created by the roadway through the city is fertile soil for watching, projecting, and judgment. The meaning of the actions of the people I pass are similar to that of viewing a photograph. The on-looker has limited information but will finish the narrative with assumptions and information from other points of life.

For “The Driving Scale” I desired to keep a distance between my subjects, myself, and my camera. I also set the camera to expose for highlights, allowing forms to hide in shadows creating an ominous feeling in the image. The work reads as street photography but the moment of the photograph is closer to Google Maps. As I drive I have the option to snap a series of photos via remote camera attached to the back passenger window. The final photos are found in the edit.
The rate at which I move through space limits my engagement and enables bias and imagination as the foundation of my relationship with the subjects.