This site is currently being built out… it is about 90% ready to be “live” but I don’t think anyone knows about it.

Hello! My name is Rob Walcott. People who know me well call me Bobby. I want to live a creative and engaged life. I believe in learning, liberalism and republicanism, and relationships based in care. I believe in following your curiosity. I am a geriatric millennial and I have big feelings about social media, this site is an exercise of those thoughts. In younger years I have been a bike mechanic, and musician, and a photographer. Professionally I dabbled in web coding at The Image Group (during web 2.0), I co-owned Walcott Imaging from 2003 to 2015 and ran a social media photography experiment called Pocket Photographer for a short stint shortly after. I have a small collection of personal photographic work. I am the owner of Centennial Inn and the neighboring house at 18 East 12th which includes 3 apartments and a short term rental.

My Photo Feed

  • I bowled 183
  • Need to add cup holders to the table (Van Build)
  • My friends and I at Wilderness State Park, 2022
  • Winter Solstice Walk 2022
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  • That dog
  • Back to the bullet journal
  • Gods car hes my boss
  • New van
  • Mother and daughter at Target
  • Happy Pill

Opinions, Beliefs, & Politics

Where I stand on a range of topics both trivial and of great consequence.

  • Can we go back to web 2.0?

    I belong to the group of people who believe that big data can and is used against our best interest. I want to propose that leaving Facebook and returning back to a more loosely structured form of sharing/publishing online is a smart decision. Lets do this in a list: The medium is the message!. Using […]

  • The case for solar cars

    Every so often I run into an article considering the solar car, often touting the idea that a car can be “run on solar”, to which I think we are to believe that solar is all that would be needed, the free to run powered by the sun mobile.


A section dedicated to conversations and topics I would like feedback on.

  • Wireless Charging for Cars

    Sidenote: I don’t know where this fits in my blog architecture. I’d like to be able to follow a thread of stories, topic, or idea and save related articles and explore the idea further.

  • ISO recommendations for books that nurture a more civil politic

    I want to create a small book shelf of books and resources (audio could be included) that help people come to a more civil and gracious perspective on politics. My personal journey, over the past four years or so has started with a desire to better understand JS Mill and then seek a wider influence […]

  • First Conversation Post

    I am giving the blog/website another go. I’ve been doing this since at least 2008 when Google Plus was available, Google Reader was strong, and Facebook’s faults were becoming increasingly obvious although that seemed to be cemented during the election of 2016 with Cambridge Analytica. I digress. I am optimistic that I am a good […]


Places I’ve checked-in to. A log or journal for the sake of memory and history.

  • Check-In: Donutville

  • Check-in: Lakeside Montessori Drop-off

  • Black River Morning Dropoff

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A section that shows all recent posts.