My Skill Set/Resume:


I have 10 years as professional photographer. I am specifically interested in how we can communicate with photography. Getting the most of great photos starts with creating and finding the right content, taking the best photos, and finally editing and releasing them for greatest impact.


Posting should be one of more of the following: witty, smart, interesting, informative, and engaging. I try to understand and echo the best voice for your business.


I have 2 years as a web coder and designer. I am able to help manage websites but I do not currently offer building and creating websites.

Event/Activity Organizing:

Great photos are better when they are based on memorable events and happenings. I have a knack for planning and organizing activities that are optimized for sharing. Often they capitalize on opportunity and take minimal time to set up. People will often talk about the photos/media around this event for months after.

Here are a few:

Video Production:

Right now I would say I am “good enough” with video. My forte is 1 minute quick and dirty video to promote or to give people a quick look into the life of your business. I aim for maximum communication with minimal fuss. Below is my 4th video I made/produced, it was concepted, recorded, edited, and posted in the course of a few hours.

Computer Application Knowledge

  • Professional experience of Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, and Adobe Lightroom to handle all aspects of photography and layout design.
  • Beginning and Continued work in Apple Final Cut Pro.
  • Proficiency in Google Sketchup.
  • Front End Web coding: CSS, XHTML, moderate understanding of Javascript and PHP.
  • Can do light WordPress development.