Show & Tell Self Portraits

Part 1: Show & Tell

Take in 5 objects that say something about you. Don’t think about it too long, just bring them in. If you have a little more time, think about whether the objects hold a hidden meaning or an inside joke or if everyone else will know something about you from the object. The end goal of this project will be communicating.

Part 2: Make a self portrait with the objects.

This self portrait is not a selfie… Make a photo that includes all of your objects in a context that also says something about yourself. You need to explain why every detail in the photo is part of the work.

Some things to think about:

  • Do these objects communicate the same thing to others that they mean to you? Be careful using objects that have a back story or sentimental value… although they are meaningful to you, they will probably be understood differently to the viewer.
  • Try to be aware of every object in the photo and how it could be understood or interpreted to others.

Here are my objects:

camera still life in back yard
photography class show and tell self portrait sample photo.

Lesson Goals

Technical: Basic image management: using Google Drive, Basic understanding of camera (still life gives you more time to compose)

Concept: Introduction to each other via “Show and Tell”, Introduction to the idea of reading images – a discussion about assumptions, judgements, and generalizations we have about brands, objects, places. Introduction to critiqing… an opportunity to hear how the class responds to objects differently than you might.

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