A current grouping of work

A class presentation is finally motivating me to editing and selecting images I took in Chicago over a year ago. This isn’t the final cutting or editing but I really pleased with how some of the images are turning out.
The process of this personal project was to mount high resolution cameras in the interior of my car and then operate them by remote – a process which is really important to me. The images are fully contained analogs of reality that fully denies (as photos will do) the viewer access to the experience of reality per the people and situations that are fixed in the image. My process removes the “decisive moment” of the image while still allowing the image fully offering itself to the judgement of the viewer.

I photographed the images “assuming full daylight” on purpose to keep them dark in an effort to have the viewer explore the shadows. I assume I will make adjustments to help the viewer see a little more as they might be a little too dark.

I am looking forward to firming up the selections and printing.

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