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Decision Fatigue

This is a concept that I often find myself talking about or thinking about. It is about time I start collecting articles and notes for reference.

From The New York Times: Do You Suffer From Decision Fatigue? The very act of making decisions depletes our ability to make them well. So how do we navigate a world of endless choice?

Bird Poster

Someday I am going to buy this beautiful bird poster. Until then, I’m going to let this link just sit right here.

Interesting Reads: Big data and the election

I like to take time to catch up on news and articles on a daily basis. Here are some of my favorite or important articles that I have read or seen over the last while.

Big data and its influence on the election:

NY Times on Airbnb in Palm Springs

 “This is the Instagram generation and it wants an experience associated with an area,” Ms. Derringer said, “and in Palm Springs, that means the desert, the sun, the palm trees, the midcentury house. You want to stay places that are Instagram-worthy because you are living your life as content.”

Ny Times Sheep farmer

“I could accept the changes around me philosophically, including the disappearance of farms like mine, if the results made for a better world and society. But the world I am seeing evolve in front of my eyes isn’t better, it is worse. Much worse.”

In lieu of a personal reflection post about the new year please use the 8-15 seconds you would have invested in reading my post and use the time to stare blankly and think of nothing. That is how I am choosing to use your attention. I wish you all a different year.

Reading notes: Art and Appetite

In 1818, President James Madison warned his fellow horticulturists of American carelessness concerning land use and food production. Addressing an agricultural society meeting in Charlottesville, Virginia, that year, the former president lamented contemporary American agriculture’s poor standing with respect to the
symmetry of nature” –the relationship between humans and the land. He decried the destruction of the once-fertile soil, stripped of its nutrients and subjected to erosion. Land, cheap and plentiful in the young nation, was used up heedlessly, as farmers left depleted terrain for new, unspent places.

pg 70

Sharing in those concerns was frontiersman and horticulturist John Chapman, known as Johnny Appleseed. In the early decades of the nineteenth century, he rafted down the rivers of Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Indiana, planting apple orchards along the fertile shores. The trees he grew from seed would produce apples that were appropriate for making into cider, not for eating. Every new homestead needed an orchard, and the cleaver Chapman sold the young saplings to settlers heading into the wilderness to start farms.

pg 70-71

Republican virtue and material success, often at odds, struck a harmonious chord in such still lifes by Peale and King. Virtue, a common term in the political parlance of the era, was connected not just with thrift and frugality but also with wholesomeness, productivity public-spiritedness, and personal and national independence.

pg 66-67

Recently, on Instagram

I had another affirming moment for my Subscription Photography methods this week. I stopped in for a drink/food with friends and noticed we all ordered a different drink. 5 minutes later I had enough photography to post throughout the week as well as plenty of time left in my clients subscription to work on some future projects.
Getting the best photo is often a matter if being in the right place at the right time, part of being embedded is to fully know what is going on, what to look for, and to get to the “right place” when the time comes.

This is what the right 5 minutes of time looks like: See them posted on Instagram.

A pop-up drain pipe party

This project is knowingly in collaboration with Spring Sweet, and unknowingly with the Holland City road construction happening on Central Ave.

I leveraged a personal friends birthday party and the hot mess that road construction can be to create a photogenic and shareable party that highlighted the stylings of the Spring Sweet store.

Total time from idea to set up was 3 hours: a great example of what the Subscription plan can do in terms of creating better opportunities for good photography and shareable content.

The Southerner’s Foraging Dinner

I shouldn’t post so many photos at once, but this dinner was “on-fleek” as the less-than-cool kids are saying. I approached The Southerner with hopes of working with them and it has so far been a joy. This will definitely be a restaurant that will not only be a local favorite but a destination.
I will be starting up their Instagram account and taking over their Facebook page shortly.