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I had another affirming moment for my Subscription Photography methods this week. I stopped in for a drink/food with friends and noticed we all ordered a different drink. 5 minutes later I had enough photography to post throughout the week as well as plenty of time left in my clients subscription to work on some […]

A pop-up drain pipe party

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This project is knowingly in collaboration with Spring Sweet, and unknowingly with the Holland City road construction happening on Central Ave. I leveraged a personal friends birthday party and the hot mess that road construction can be to create a photogenic and shareable party that highlighted the stylings of the┬áSpring Sweet store. Total time from […]

The Southerner’s Foraging Dinner

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I shouldn’t post so many photos at once, but this dinner was “on-fleek” as the less-than-cool kids are saying. I approached The Southerner with hopes of working with them and it has so far been a joy. This will definitely be a restaurant that will not only be a local favorite but a destination. I […]

Mechanic Class Promo

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Velo City Cycles is offering some great winter mechanic classes and I feel that if you don’t get a sense of Brent’s humor and fun loving nature, you aren’t getting the full story of what the classes are about. Signing up for classes can be intimidating so I wanted ease any intimidation people may have. […]

A current grouping of work

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A class presentation is finally motivating me to editing and selecting images I took in Chicago over a year ago. This isn’t the final cutting or editing but I really pleased with how some of the images are turning out. The process of this personal project was to mount high resolution cameras in the interior […]